Signs That it’s Time to Call it Quits & Get a Divorce

When you get married, you are hopeful to spend the rest of your life with this person. After all, your vows expressly state ‘til death do us part.’ however, sometimes marriages end well before the couple hoped for in the beginning. It is a sad but realistic part of life that you must be aware of to take action in time.

Is it time to get a divorce?  Of course there’s never a good time to end a marriage, especially if you’ve spent many years building a life with a person, if there are children involved, etc. If any of the signs below are experienced in your life, it’s probably time to reach out to a Divorce Lawyer Minneapolis and learn more about the steps needed to take to dissolve the marriage. It is a difficult decision, but one that so many people must make.

You Don’t Get Along

Some couples dosage and simply avoid each other and then other couple have all out brawls, screaming matches, and show other signs that they despise one another. It’s not healthy for anyone in the home, nor does it provide a very happy atmosphere, especially for children. If you simply do not get along with your spouse and see no resolution, it’s time to get out and move onto bigger and better things. We must sometimes love from a distance and that is okay.

There is Abuse

Abuse takes on many forms in a relationship. Physical, financial, mental, and sexual abuse are among them. If there is any type of abuse in your marriage, it’s time to call it quits. Allow your partner time to work on their issues on their own and then try again, not the other way around. Sure, you vow for better or worse, but sometimes you must value your life more than a few words that simply didn’t intend to include abuse.

You are Different People

Sometimes people grow apart; it is life and happens to the best of us. If you and your partner have grown apart in such a way that you no longer share the same values or desires in life, it is best to go ahead and call it quits rather than waste more of your time together when it is probably not where you really want to be anymore. If you don’t share the same values or morals in life, it is pretty hard to make a relationship work!

You’re Only Together for the Kids

Don’t assume that staying together for the kids is the best solution because it is not in most cases. Kids see, hear, and feel things that parents do not realize and when you do not want to be with your spouse, they’ll know it and it may cause more harm than good. Besides, you can only fake happiness for so long until it really becomes you. Don’t sacrifice your life assuming that you are protecting the kids when it’s holding them back instead in more cases than it is not.