How Do Lawyers Bill their Time?

When you hire or receive the services of a lawyer, this is a question you will need to answer quickly. Figuring out how the lawyer is going to be paid and how much they are charging you for their services will help you not only save money, but also use the lawyer the best.

First, some lawyers charge you after a free consultation, where they meet with you and review your case. The consultation is the place where you need to give the most information possible to the lawyer, not only is the consultation free but its where the lawyer tells you if and how he/she can help you with your case.

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Some lawyers charge by the hour, which can include any time during and after working hours. If they are doing substantial work on your case, then you will more than likely have to pay them. A law firm providence ri will normally be very open about their fees and what constitutes paid work.

Specialty lawyers, such as auto accident or defense attorneys, will only charge you if you win the case or settlement. This is done as a guarantee to give confidence to you, because everyone wants to get paid, and that gives the lawyers extra incentive to win the case. Then they earn their paycheck. If the case is won, they will typically take their fee from the settlement money they helped you win.

Finally, there are per task lawyers. These lawyers charge a flat fee based on what you are having them do. If they need to file a claim or draw up a document, there’s a fee that’s added onto the total. No matter how you are paying the lawyers, just know that your money is going towards your successful defense!