Common Reasons Disability Claims are Denied

Receiving a denial letter from the SSA is frustrating, but it is common for many applicants. In fact, an estimated 30% of all initial applicants for Social Security disability benefits are denied. Most people who apply for disability are denied due to many different reasons and must oftentimes appeal their decision to win the case. You can hire a lawyer from a disability law firm miami to minimize the risks of your application being denied. Some of the most common reasons for an SSI denial include:

·    Lack of Evidence: Has sufficient evidence been submitted to the SSA to support your claims of disability? The more medical evidence provided to the SSA, the better. This is a common reason for application denial.

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·    Prior Denial: If you’ve completed an application for SSA disability benefits in the past and were denied, you must file an appeal. If you complete a second application, the SSA is not notified and your application goes unnoticed.

·    You Didn’t Follow the Treatment: If the doctor recommended  treatment for our injuries and illnesses from the doctor and failed to follow-up with that recommended treatment, the SSA will  more than likely deny the claim.

·    Income Level: Working when filing for SSA is very dangerous and most attorneys recommend that you avoid earning income in this time period. The biggest reason is that SSA will deny the claim if they see that you have an income coming in, especially if it is a substantial amounts.

·    Uncooperative: Make sure to follow all directives from the SSA and comply with their orders and demands if you intend to get disability benefits. Failure to cooperate with the SSA requests is an automatic denial of your application.

Do not wait to call an attorney if you are applying for SSA disability benefits and reduce the risks of a denial letter coming to your mailbox.